Safety of your data is our
Top Priority

  • Multi Level Security Checks
  • Multiple Data Backups
  • Stringent Data Privacy Policies


Compliant Server

All data
for your eyes only

Never sell
data to anyone

Security Features

Your data has only one owner. Only You.

Only you have the control over your data. Neither BlissBasket employees nor any third-party can access your information for any purpose except as authorized by you.

Your data has multiple encrypted backups.

All the data is backed up and versioned multiple times at secure locations across the world.

We don’t sell your data.

We are fully aware of the sensitivity of your healthcare information and take data privacy extremely seriously. We go to great lengths to protect it and never ever sell it to anyone.

privacy and security of your Health Data is the core focus of our business strategy.

Everything is protected with 256-bit encryption

BlissBasket uses world-class standards to shield your data from unauthorised intrusion. It is always protected with multiple layers of encryption (256-bit encryption over the network).

2-factor authentication prevents unauthorised access.

We let you enable 2-factor authentication so that your data is absolutely secure and no one else can access it except you.

Remote logout fends off suspicious logins.

Whenever a new device logs into your account, BlissBasket notifies you immediately, so that you can review the activity and log out if needed.

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