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  • Start your own virtual practice. Connect with more patients by chat, phone, video or at clinic consultation and maximise your earnings.
  • All your earnigns directly deposited into your bank account
  • Consult patients across regions. Share images, documents and prescriptions.

Add products to cart on behalf of patients

  • Add medicines or OTC products directly to patients cart, so that they can checkout swiftly
  • Availability of genuine branded world class imported products and all authentic medicines, so you can help patients seamlessly on any problems
  • BlissBasket will deliver all prescribed and OTC products directly to patients, discreetly!

BlissBasket Health Feed

Write. Educate. Prove your expertise!

It is a medium for doctors to publish health tips and articles to connect with millions of people.

How it helps you?

  • Share your expertise

    As an expert you can share your knowledge with mil lions of people and prove your expertise on subject matter

  • Help people

    Everything that you publish on Health Feed will inspire and help someone to enjoy good sexual health.

  • Educate and engage

    It’s a unique opportunity to educate your own patients and engage with a wider audience across the internet.

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Convenience through technology

BlissBasket offer all kind of possible consultation options i.e. Chat, Phone, Video and at Clinic, so that patient can easily engage with you.

Build Patient Loyalty

Strengthen patient relationships by offering the premium convenience of BlissBasket – from consultation to deliver world class imported products directly to patients, discreetly!

Maximize your availability

With BlissBasket, you are always available to fill out your calendar.

Strengthen your reputation

BlissBasket enhance your web presence and reputation through verified reviews from real patients.

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