Working with us is Sexy! We are hiring!

BlissBasket is a niche health tech platform that has been established with the vision of being the largest and most preferred destination to address any sexual health concern confidently in India. We are committed to provide smooth online or offline consultation experience with top rated and verified sexologist, and also deliver prescribed or suggested products discreetly while maintaining their confidentiality at every step of the purchase process. The kind of people we are looking to recruit are those with a drive to innovation, creativity and a passion to excel in this field.

Why Work With Us

Unlimited Growth Opportunity

Work With Intelligent People

Total Liberty To Innovate and Experiment


Ingredients cum Characteristics

Non-Structured & Multi-tasker

Remember, this is a totally new territory where you will not have well defined KRAs initially but your role will keep on evolving over a period of time based on your performance.

Genuine Passion

We all are fully committed, involved and passionate about this category. If you have the same feeling, we are waiting to hear from you.

Perception Matches Vision

If you are convinced that this category is going to be mainstream category in the coming years. If you know for sure that people will be able to much more comfortable addressing their sexual health concern online and can also start gifting naughty accessories for their bachelor, wedding or valentine day gifts in the coming years, we will be able to surely work together.


You can never forget that we are into privacy business. All information and data pertaining to customers or products are utmost important to us, so being on business side you have to act with complete professional integrity.

You will have to sign certain agreements to make sure that while you are working with us OR even after you are no longer working with us, you can never use any information in any manner for any reason that might affect our brand OR jeopardise customer’s privacy.

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