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About BlissBasket

Welcome to BlissBasket!
We exist because of two reasons.
1) There are very limited options in India when it comes to romantic products buying ideas like flowers, teddy or greeting cards. We feel that it is more like feel-good products and not 'Real Romantic Products' and that is why BlissBasket is born. We source world-class romantic products from across the globe and deliver directly to your doorstep; Discreetly.
Yes, we import almost all products from across the world and provide you 100% original and genuine 'Real Romantic Products'
2) Despite being born in the land of Kamasutra, we associate taboo or embarrassment when it comes to talking about the very basic need of love life, leave alone buying it. We help you create the perfect love[r] for you, instead of searching for one. With our world class products, we help you express and fulfill that very basic feeling.
All this without revealing your identity to anyone.
Our state of the art e-commerce platform, coupled with competent buying and professional logistics partner will ensure that world class products are delivered to you home without compromising your privacy.
It is always been and will be our endeavor to strive and deliver the best in the space that we operate in. We appreciate your time and we promise to make your romantic life better with the range of our products.
Have a Blissful Shopping Experience!
No More Spam/Junk Mail
We will only email your order details and afterwards if you have given your consent then we will provide you information about new products, schemes related offers etc. to your email account registered with us.
Our Packaging is 100% Discreet
All shipments from BissBasket are discreetly packaged in plain brown box. There will be no return address and our logo does not appear anywhere on the outside of the packaging. We will mention only your name, address and contact number to deliver the product, nothing more and nothing less.
You can also request for self-pickup from nearest courier branch. Please read Shipping Policy for further explanation.

BlissBasket is India's largest online store to discover products which can address any kind of sexual health concerns, and it can provide every individual a seamless and a complete sexual health solution without worrying about privacy at all. We already have world's top sexual health brands onboard with widest variety of categories like vibrators, cock rings, penis enlargement pumps, penis erection spray, sexy lingerie for women, handcuffs, blindfolds, condoms, sex lubricants, men strokers and masturbators, adult games, naughty gifts and so much more to cater your all possible needs. All of which are legally sourced from reputed international brands. Whether you want to address any sexual health concern or want to make better your sexual health, we got you covered. BlissBasket ensures effortless convenience and a wide variety of products. Attaching paramount importance to privacy, BlissBasket rides on the pursuit of catering to the needs of young Indians couples, discreetly and privately. Being largest store of India, BlissBasket ensures complete anonymity while buying any products.

BlissBasket stands as a pioneer in discreet delivery and secret order processing where no one in the entire order processing chain and delivery chain comes to know about your personal orders. We value your private choices and let you collect your product from your nearest courier location! Thanks to our bold and mature customers, BlissBasket has already delivered sex toys to more than 1190 cities and town across the length and breadth of the country. Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are leading states in terms of sale online while Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru being the top cities. Much to people surprise, Ahmedabad, Pune, Coimbatore and Thiruvananthapuram outnumbers above cities for few months. Uttar Pradesh buys most candy panties and Delhi happens to be the kinkiest state in India. Gujarati women purchase adult games in highest number as compared to rest of India. Self Pickup seems to be the most convenient mode of procuring products in Chennai.