Romantic Subscription Package :

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Romantic Subscription Plan

At BlissBasket, we’re passionate about finding the best products for Lovers, and sharing them with you. With a subscription, you’ll receive a signature Plain Brown Package each month with single or more products selected especially by our prominent team of sexologist, psychiatrist and Love Guru to create unique package for each customer based on below criteria ...

- Marriage Duration (if you are married)

- Relationship Status Duration (if you are not married)

- Package Content Exclusively For: Only For Her / Only For Him / For Both

- Anniversary Date / Proposed Date

Mail us immediately above details on with order number as your subject so that our team of romantic experts start sculpting package for you.
You’ll discover new Romantic Solutions and trusted brands from Worldwide--all delivered right to your door!
Friends Says, “Best Wedding Gifts We Have Ever Gifted so Far’
When will I get my first box?
You will get your first box within three days delivered at your door by our Premium Shipping Partner if address is serviceable and the next package will be shipped the same day of every next coming month
Kindly note that all subscribed customer package will be delivered by Premium Shipping Partner only if it is possible so you do not need to select Premium Shipping on Checkout page.
If pin code is not serviceable by our Premium Shipping partner then it will be delivered to you by Standard Shipping partner. You can check on Product Detail page whether your pin code is serviceable by any of the Shipping Partner or not.
Can I customize the content of the box?
The surprise is part of the fun--so no peeking! We work hard to bring you new exciting products each month, and we ask for your Relationship Duration, Marriage Duration and Package Exclusive For so we can make sure we send products appropriate to elevate relationship to the next level. Still curious? Check out our list of Products listed on our website from where we are going to make package exclusive for you.
Can I change my shipping address?
Of course! Just drop a line to with order number and your new address and rest assured about delivery of your next package.
What is your cancellation policy?
We hope you never leave us, but you can cancel it anytime by dropping a line to with order number and a reason if you would like to or else no questions will be asked. You will receive the rest of your money after deducting total received package within a week in the same account that has been debited. Please note that you will need to receive your first box before canceling your subscription--we want you to have a chance to see your first box and enjoy the items before deciding whether or not to stay with us!
Can I put my subscription on pause?
Sure! Just let us know by dropping a line to and we’ll be happy to delay your shipment until next month.
Does Package contain equal value of Products that we paid monthly?
No. It will actually be more valuable than what you are paying on monthly basis. Guaranteed!
Payment should be done at one go. You can pay it by Cash On Delivery if the order value is less than Rs. 10000 otherwise you have to make online payment

How Much Money I get if I cancel the plan in between?

Lets say, you have bought 12 Months subscription plan and you want to cancel it before 3 months, then 3 Months subscription charges i.e. Rs, 2700 per Package will be deducted and rest of it will be credited back to the same account from where it is debited.

If the cancellation happen after 3 Months then 6 Months subscription charges i.e. Rs. 2550 per Package will be deducted and rest of it will be credited back to the same account from where it is debited.

Here we have curated Romantic Subscription Plans give below:
Romantic Subscription Plan 3 Months
Rs. 2700 per Month = Rs. 2700 x 3 = Rs. 8100 (Effective Cost)
Products worth Minimum Rs. 3000 or More Will Be Given Every Month = Rs. 9000 worth of Products
Minimum Saving: Rs. 900 (Flat Minimum 10% Off)
Romantic Subscription Plan 6 Months
Rs. 2650 per Month = Rs. 2550 x 6 = Rs. 15300 (Effective Cost)
Products worth Minimum Rs. 3000 or More Will Be Given Every Month = Rs. 18000 worth of Products
Minimum Saving: Rs. 2700 (Flat Minimum 15% Off)
Romantic Subscription Plan 9 Months
Rs. 2400 per Month = Rs. 2400 x 9 = Rs. 21600 (Effective Cost)
Products worth Minimum Rs. 3000 or More Will Be Given Every Month = Rs. 27000 worth of Products
Minimum Saving: Rs. 5400 (Flat Minimum 20% Off)
Romantic Subscription Plan 12 Months
Rs. 2250 per Month = Rs. 2250 x 12 = Rs. 27000 (Effective Cost)
Products worth Minimum Rs. 3000 or More Will Be Given Every Month = Rs. 36000 worth of Products
Minimum Saving: Rs. 9000 (Flat Minimum 25% Off) is India's leading online store that makes shopping for your Romantic, Intimate and Personal products convenient, comfortable and embarassment free. We offer a wide assortment of products under multiple categories like Condoms, Lingerie, Jewelry, T-Shirts, Edible Lingerie, Romantic Games, Fun Items, Massage and Lubricants, Books, Naughty Gifts, Accessories etc. Our product range, technology and staff are surely going to 'WOW' you every time you shop with us. We have made every ounce of effort to ensure that your shopping details are not revealed to anyone as we ship all products by discreet packaging only thereby your identity is well protected. Enjoy hassle-free online shopping experience with easy paying options such as Cash on Delivery, Net Banking, Credit Cards, Cash Cards and Debit Cards from the comfort of your homes and enjoy a blissful life.